DIAPER NEED is the struggle to provide children
with clean, dry diapers.

babies cannot go to childcare or participate in early childhood education.

many parents cannot go to work or school.

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Average income for a family of two at poverty threshold: $1,350 per month
Average cost of diapers for one baby: $70-100 per month
A baby needs 10-12 diapers per day; a toddler needs approximately 8.

Little, If Any, Assistance Is Available to Families Facing Diaper Need

  • Food Stamps (SNAP) cannot be used for diapers.
  • WIC aims to alleviate hunger, but does not provide benefits for other essential needs, such as diapers.
  • While TANF provides assistance that could be used for diapers, it also has to cover other expenses, including rent, utility bills, clothing and other basic needs.

Diaper need contributes to poverty, abuse and illness.

Poverty. Childcare requires parents to provide a daily supply of diapers, and children are often turned away if the diapers run out, preventing the parent from going to work.

Illness. An inadequate supply of diapers forces many parents to leave their children in soiled diapers for extended periods of time, increasing the risk of diaper rash, urinary tract infections and other illnesses.

Possible Abuse. Studies have shown that lack of diaper access can lead to tension in the home, resulting in impaired cognitive development and language skills due to neglect and lack of nurturing.